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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance accounts for approximately 70% of our business.  Over the years, DAD’S has become the largest local landscape maintenance contractor, maintaining over 250 commercial / industrial and special residential sites in an eight county area.


Landscape Maintenance is not just mowing!  Landscape maintenance is a comprehensive program to cover maintenance of landscaping and hardscape areas to present a high quality appearance based on the customers’ needs.

Landscape maintenance includes but is not limited to:


Weed eating

Edging of Walks

Fertilizing Lawns

Fertilizing Shrubs

Trimming Trees (small)

Litter Pick Up

Insect Control

Flower Planting

Shrub Planting

Weed Control in Lawns

Weed Control in Paved Areas and Non-Growth Areas

Weed Control in Shrub Beds

Edging of Shrub Beds

Edging of Grass

Trimming of Shrubs

Mulching of Shrubs

Cleaning of Parking  Lots and Drive